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Welcome to the Yun Jung Do WikiEdit

Yun Jung Do is a martial art that is a healthy lifestyle.

It is similar to Taekwondo,however it emphasises self defense techniques rather than sports martial arts.

Yun Jung Do was created by Grandmaster Young Ku Yun.

Come and train at the Pacific Pines State High School phone me 0433485221



Yun Jung Do is difficult to explain in a few words. Basically it is a martial art and at first glance it may appear similar in nature to Tae Kwon Do and other popular martial arts, however we have some fundamental, technical and philosophical advantages over these systems.

The founder and creator of Yun Jung Do is Grandmaster Young Ku Yun. A genuine grandmaster who is today living and working in Brisbane. He still oversees YJD and personally grades the students. He was one of the original practioners to bring Tae Kwon Do to the rest of the world, specifically to the south pacific nations.

Yun Jung Do is based on a philosophy of self development. The development of mind, body and spirit as all traditional martial art forms used to be. This art can be termed as a human art and is purposely designed for all ages and abilities.

Yun Jung Do does not expect you to be a Bruce Lee, training is not based solely on a person’s physical ability or orientated around fighting competitions and full contact. YJD is based on personal self defence and to be used only when no other option is available. We maintain you do not have to have full contact training and risk injury to be able to defend yourself.

Training in YJD includes a modern comprehensive warm up and stretching program. The techniques are taught with modern practices, in depth technical aspects and old fashioned repetition as this is the only way the mind body and spirit can unify to create well performed effective reflex driven techniques.

Yun Jung Do has also modernised by mostly using the English language and very few Korean terms. The protocol, respect and discipline used in the traditional Do jang (training hall) is maintained at all times. A grey Do bok (uniform) is worn with a coloured belt to signify your Kup or Dan (grade) The grey do bok in YJD has a philosophical meaning

Grading or progressing through the coloured belts is normally termed as a Progress Review and is not used as a tool for fast tracking individuals to senior belts as many other martial arts clubs do. We believe you are an individual and you progress at your own time and speed.

You have an instructor who will be graded as a 1st Dan or above. All instructors are endorsed by the Grandmaster and these instructors have many years experience in martial arts.

My name is Steve Shields I have over 20 years of weight training experience and 10 years boxing training. The last 18 years I have been a YJD practioner and I became a 1st Dan instructor in 2000.

I do hope this basic information was helpful. As with all things the rest is up to the individual. Many practioners lose interest, get lazy or bored but YJD is about challenging yourself to progress and improve your life through the discipline to increase health, fitness, strength, flexibility, stress management, self confidence and your self defence skills along with the many other benefits.

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